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structure, ae f
Sofía Montes
Curator: Jorge Cañete
July 2022

Without man, the universe is just a structureless continuum.

Albert Jacquard (A little philosophy for the use of non-philosophers, p. 31, Ed. Québec-Livres)


Sofía Montes is a multidisciplinary artist. Her vision of the world is expressed in touches, like haikus of our modern society, whether through photography (see her exhibition La vida es hermosa no entiendo el veneno, in December 2019 at La Galerie Philosophique) or also through abstract sculptures.

This artistic projection is presented in her new exhibition, entitled structura,ae f. A capsule collection composed of geometric, intuitive and radical constructions. These are presented in the new ephemeral space of the Galerie Philosophique, the Espace Voûté.

This series of sculptures is a tribute to Arte Povera, in the sense that the artworks of Sofía Montes consist of challenging the consumer society. In fact, the artist recovers pieces of wood, left behind, which in their original nature had another function and use. Their transformation or transmutation into a work of art is a miracle and it  fully participates in the reflection on the dialectic between nature and culture.

But the structures of the Spanish artist seeks above all to express a certain idea of balance, and it doesn't matter if it is not perfect! This is precisely where the power of her work lies: geometric, spontaneous and inventive scuptures, which hesitate between stability and vacillation.

The artworks of Sofía Montes contain the mystery of this duality and move us. Undoubtedly, because they are the metaphor of our fragile human condition, which, nevertheless, does not cease to seek a certain balance.

A quest that does not want to lead us astray, but to strengthen the relationship, even if only momentarily, with the world.

Sofia Montes lives and works in Madrid.

Specifications of works:
Variable formats, wood

Photo gallery of available works:
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