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Il faut toujours dire, fontaine, je boirai de ton eau


Curators: Miriam Radermacher & Jorge Cañete
From March 30as of May 13, 2023

Opening in the presence of the artist: Thursday, March 30from 6 p.m.

In Switzerland, according to Borges,
it looks like the cities
would always like
belong to the Alps.

They abound, he said,
public fountains
which try to imitate
the endless waterfalls of the mountains.

This is the case for Grandson.
You understood it well that night.
In the silence of early morning,
there was only the sound of this constant trickling,
such enigmatic music
as the time that constitutes us.

Alvaro Valverde


The exhibition which is held at the Galerie Philosophique (36 rue Haute) is also taking place in the village of Grandson and proposes to discover 6 interventions in 6 fountains of the village: 6 drawings by the artist mingling with quotations or poems evoking fountains...

1. Rue Basse fountain, towards numbers 2-4
2. Octagonal fountain on rue Haute, in front of La Galerie Philosophique
3. Fountain on the forecourt of the church at rue Haute)
4. Fontaine du Bouc at the bottom of the alley of the Prieuré/rue Basse
5. Fountain towards the post office and the station
Fountain of the playground at the Tuileries

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 14.59.32.jpg


Lourdes Murillo has been painting for as long as she can remember, which is why she defines herself as a painter.

She trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville, where she also studied her doctorate.

She usually works with institutions and private galleries with which she has participated in fairs such as ARCO in Madrid, Artísima in Turin or Artelisboa.

She produces graphic works and author's books such as "+ que palabras, la ciudad, la casa y el jardín" or "Ausencias".

Currently, her studio is located in Trujillo (Extremadura) from where she wants, like a tree the branches, to take her work as far as possible.


Lourdes Murillo's work is rooted in the memory and poetry of an obsessive search for beauty. Use the right materials for each piece, which can be family heirlooms, gilded frames, or old papers that house time and keep the past. When she paints, her medium is oil, which she spreads with her own hands on the canvas.

Motivated by spaces of character, she collaborates with architects in projects. She also works temporarily in historic buildings, as is the case with her latest exhibition held atlast spring at San Joaquín de los Agustinos Recoletos, a 17th-century church in bad condition in the small municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cáceres.


Note of intent from the artist:



The fountains of Grandson is a proposal whose objective is to rediscover the fountains through various walks through the village of Grandson.

When we visit Grandson, our eyes fill with water. It's the lake. I will not comment on its nature or its beauty because they are obvious, but I will comment on its vastness. It seems infinite, but it is not enough. It overflows into the streets and squares, as if they were communicating vessels, to emerge in the fountains and delicately invade the urban layout.

These are crystalline waters whose joyful sound will accompany during the route mingling with the noise of traffic, the song of black swallows or the celestial chime of the church, which reminds us at every quarter of the ephemeral nature of life.

The fountains become an almost obsessive reason to search: the hidden ones, those that keep the memory of legends alive and the dry and melancholy fountains that suck up the water that once inhabited them.

The project was born from the fascination that this small urban extension of the lake produces for me, who goes to the streets to live with us. I chose seven, a symbolic number.

Intervene without interfering. I want to intervene on the water, in the bottom or on the surface of the water without interfering with its use and its pleasure or its aesthetics. I will be inspired by the story, the form and the environment. Each fountain will contain a quote or a poem that will speak about it...

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