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Blue birds


Hommarus W. Brusche

Curator: Jorge Cañete

May 2020

This nice idea of Saint-Pol-Roux that suggests that trees are exchanging birds as words...

Jules Renard 


To look and to see. To arrange and rearrange.

Daily life as inspiration.

I do not dream things up.

I look. I situate and restituate.

I move images. I put and take away.

My work magnifies what is barely seen.

Art has the extraordinary capacity

to make loss and desire visible.

Hommarus W. Brusche


This serie called "Blue Birds" presents a set of ceramics with the silhouette of birds as a common feature: swallows, crows, field sparrows populate their imaginary territories where sometimes human silhouettes intertwine.

Birds are present in the artist's daily life, who lives half of his time in the Extremadura countryside, in front of the village of Trujillo. At the end of the day, the blue sky turns into a huge open-air aviary, where a multitude of birds appear as if by magic. To materialize them on ceramics is a way to defy time, to make inalterable a drawing which in its original form would be too fragile against the wind, the rain. Ceramics resist to the bad weather of the soul and the seasons...

The blue is omni present in the work of the Dutch artist, a nod to his origins and to the Delft earthenware covered mostly with drawings in all their shades of blue... A blue whose depth is equalled only by the sky of Extremadura.

"The blue ceramics of Hommarus W. Brusche are the fragments of but one imaginal realm. Looking at the plates, the blue glaze is present on parts of the surfaces of the ceramics, absent from other parts. This game of absence and presence is played out in forms of silhouette, delicate lines or brushstrokes that complete the contour of a bird, a bull, a man, a child or a rooster. The forms are recurring but almost never exactly repeating. The context of the appearance of the animals or humans, or simply the geometric forms that are animated in the round shape of the plates, act upon the context of the scene each time in a different way."

Sam Samiée

Hommarus W. Brusche shares his life and work between his studio in Amsterdam and Trujillo in Extremadura (Spain).

He has been a professor at the Rietveldacademie Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam, as well as at the A.K.I. artez Academy of Fine Art in Enschede and gives regular masterclasses in Spain.

He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in different cities in Netherlands (Amsterdam, Enschede) and Spain (Madrid Caceres), as well as in different contemporary art centres in Europe (Lisboa, Berlin) and the United States.

He is currently preparing a major exhibition in the Barrantes Cervantes renaissance palace in Trujillo, Spain.

Ceramic plate, hand painted, each work is unique.

Numbered and signed by the artist

Format: depending on the plate, diameter 205mm to 300mm
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