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The wind in the claustras whispers

the caress of time

Marie Ducate
Curator :Jorge Canete
November 2022

Say, who can recognize that the pink color of the aurora caresses like fingers, who, except a clairvoyant blind?

Michel Serres 

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Born in Lille (France), Marie Ducaté lives and works in Marseille.

Anchored in painting, her work unfolds between art and decorative arts.

She follows truant paths that lead her to use different mediums: important works in ceramics and glass, furniture (furniture, lamps and carpets), interlacing of light, pearls and glass and especially now, monumental installations where the fabric becomes the support of an original work, as well as tracing paper that she shapes as if it was a sculpture.

The universe of Marie Ducaté is shimmering and referenced, summoning figures from the history of art and those of contemporary art and nature. She ventures freely to the limits of genres.


Note of intent from the artist:

The trellises punctuate the gardens and collect the secret words in the confessionals or hide the beautiful faces of the monks, whom only their god and husband can see...

The vaults of the temple of Grandson revealed frescoes in soft tones, which inspired one of the claustras.

The flowers undulate and flood the meadows with their colors. Fragility and poetry are invited.

The watercolor layer cut, crumpled, folded, superimposed, plays with redundant forms, with joyful mixes.

Seedlings of flowers or stars take us into a charming dream.

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