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February - May 2022 at La Galerie Philosophique in Grandson (Vaud)

November - December 2022 in the Barrantes-Cervantes Palast, Trujillo, Extremadura




with poems by



Exhibition curator: Jorge Cañete

Rue Haute, 36

CH - 1422 Grandson (Vaud)

open by appointment only: +41787102534 -
































A lugar rodeado de paredes de piedra,

a la sombra liviana de los recios olivos,

con túmulos dispuestos en un bancal con vistas

has a landscape that evoca el infinito.


A place surrounded by stone walls,

in the ethereal shade of sturdy olive trees,

with tumuli arranged on a terrace with a view

on a landscape that evokes the infinite.

Álvaro Valverde


Extremamour, an exhibition of photographs and poems dedicated to Extremadura

Swiss photographer PATRICE SCHREYER had a "carte blanche" to photograph Extremadura subjectively. His vision never seeks the obvious but is intended as a visual and personal love letter to the lands of Extremadura.

The title of the exhibition, Extremamour, is moreover a play on words between Extremadura and "amour" in French (love).

After a residency in Trujillo between December 2021 and January 2022, the photographer traveled through this little-known province which nevertheless contains an immense heritage that very few regions in Europe can claim to possess.


The photographer of the Neuchâtel was the witness to his rich history: the ghosts of Charles V and the conquistadors, the Renaissance towns, and the immensity of still-preserved landscapes.


ÁLVARO VALVERDE, an accomplice poet

The poet born in Plasencia, Extremadura, offered a selection of poems which will be part of the scenography of the Extremamour exhibition. In addition to this selection, the poet also wanted to write especially poems -unpublished so far- to accompany each photograph.


His poems have been translated into several languages and his name appears in the most prestigious anthologies of contemporary Spanish poetry. He is the author, among others, of the collections Una oculta razón (Loewe Prize, 1991), Más allá, Tánger (2014) and El cuarto del siroco (2018) .

His first novel, Las murallas del mundo, was also a finalist for the Café Gijón prize, as well as the Extremadura prize for the creation of the best literary work.



PATRICE SCHREYER has been a photographer for over twenty years. It was during his excursions in the Swiss mountains that he discovered the passion for the 8th art.

His artistic approach is sometimes close to abstraction, strongly expressive and contrasting, often dark. Patrice Schreyer mixes natural landscapes and “interior landscapes”. Wherever he goes, he tries each time to share his universe with a rare sensitivity. His work combines a strong aestheticism with an elegance rooted in the sobriety of "chiaroscuro".

The talent of PATRICE SCHREYER lies in his ability to highlight in a very legible way the essence of nature, down to the smallest detail. This attention to detail gives the artist's images a strong coherence.

Many exhibitions in Switzerland have presented his work and his photographs decorate the Swiss embassies in Tunis and Paris.


A3+ format photograph (32.9 x 48.3 cm) with a printed image of 29.7 x 23.76 cm. Printed on Hahnemühle paper, William Turner Deckle Edge, 310 g/m², 100% white cotton, fringed edges on all 4 sides. Print of the original poem by ÁLVARO VALVERDE and the GPS coordinates of the place where the photograph was taken.

Limited edition of 5 copies, numbered and signed by Patrice SCHREYER.


- a photograph, A3+ format (32.9 x 48.3 cm) including a 29.7 x 23.76 cm printed image. Printed on Hahnemühle paper, William Turner Deckle Edge, 310 g/m², 100% white cotton, fringed edges on all 4 sides. Signed on the back by PATRICE SCHREYER.

- an A3 format overlay, satin surface, printing of an original poem written by ÁLVARO VALVERDE to accompany the photograph, its French translation and the GPS coordinates of the place where the photograph was taken. Signed by ÁLVARO VALVERDE.

- 2 nails and 2 magnets.

Unique piece

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