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Vivacity Colors
Ardit Tashi
Curator: Jorge Cañete
April 2022

There are truths that need to be colored to make them visible. Above all, everything that depends on the imagination can only have an external existence through forms and colors.

Joseph Joubert




Vivid, lively, animated colors, blending and moving continuously, restless in their course, they always change and mix, leaving the place to each other. Sometimes they resemble the source of a river with water gushing out of the earth and other times they resemble the waves of the sea. 

Color harmony, peace of mind, and soothing and relaxing experiences are what I am after. Each piece is made following a specific palette of colors, which is sometimes based on existing spaces and interior designs, and other times based on the sensations that I want to transmit.






I was born in Albania 27 years ago, and have been living and working in Italy for the last 10 years. I completed my Bachelor's in Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome in 2017, and my Master's in Architecture and Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2020. 

Motivated, ambitious and hardworking in the field of interior design and architecture. Obsessed with even the most minor details. I've always been passionate about art, and have been drawing human portraits for the last 15 years as a hobby. 

Ever since I came across the world of 3D software and rendering my life took a turn and I started experimenting with all the endless possibilities of making digital art. There are no limits, there are no physical laws, all that's needed are the right tools and the rest lies in the imagination. 

I love to create spaces and digital art which can encourage feelings of wellbeing, calmness, coziness, positive emotions, and relaxing atmospheres.


With the introduction of the blockchain technology and NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens), digital art got at a whole new level, making it easier than ever to own and prove the ownership of an art piece, and always know who is the original artist, thus, avoiding any kind of theft or fake copies, and also making it really easy to resell and track all the history of the art piece. 

Using a high-quality display, such as the product by Samsung, The Wall, a digital art owner can display the art pieces he owns on the walls of his own house, without the limitations of still paintings. So now movement can become part of your own home gallery, adding depth and more meaning to digital animated art.

And with the upcoming virtual world through the metaverse, every digital art piece will gain a new dimension and also increase in its value over time. The owner of the art can display it in their own gallery or in their own home.

Every animation is 4000x4000 pixels and 60 fps
The minting and sale will be done on the NFT marketplace called and for the transfer of the artwork to the client, the client needs to have an Ethereum wallet address like for example one provided by

For more information on availability and prices :

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