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Oda al color

(ode to color)


Virginia Rivas

Curator: Jorge Cañete

February 2020

When we read Shakespeare or when we contemplate a colour in the sky, it is always with the hope of finding our true face there. When we fall in love it is the same, except that there we are closer to finally discovering the purity of our features, there, on the other's face.

Christian Bobin

Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 14.54.54.

The series "Oda al color" is part of her project VARIATIONS in which the artist reflects on the colours of our environment and the perception we have of them according to our personal gaze. She creates a dialogue between the realities that make up our lives through colour, while at the same time delving into the medium itself and its multiple visual and plastic possibilities. His work is characterized by a lyrical and atmospheric painting, where the vigorousness of the line merges with the subtlety of the stain.


Virginia Rivas has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and obtained a DEA in Art History from the University of Extremadura. She has won several awards and has obtained national and international grants to develop her projects. She has had numerous exhibitions in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the United States and Switzerland.

Virginia Rivas works with different media: installation, video and light boxes but the material that manages to define her is painting. She investigates form and matter through abstraction and gesture in search of a palette of her own in which textures, naive strokes and brief texts that move between chance and intention burst in. He delves into human behaviour through his own experiences as a guideline for investigating the individual-environmental nexus and for creating a sociological, plural and contemporary discourse in which he explores the relationship between the work, the spectator and the space.

She lives and works in Extremadura.

Limited edition 50 copies.
Numbered and signed by the artist
Printing Fine Art Glicée, Museum Quality, Paper 100 % Hahnemühle William Turner Cotton 310 gr.
Format: 21 x 29,7 cm

An artwork is available at the INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY studio if you wish to see it.

For more information on availability and prices (artworks are sold unframed, framed on request):

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