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Juan Ramón F. Molina
Curator: Jorge Canete
February 2024 - March 2024
Opening in the presence of the artist on Thursday 15
February from 6:30 p.m.

Mirages are, in a way, the lie of the desert. 
Jean Cocteau

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At the heart of the captivating work of Juan Ramón Fernández Molina, the “Mirage” exhibition (in Spanish, "espejismo) reveals itself as a visual journey through the mazes of perception. With exceptional artistic mastery, the artist invites us to explore the delicate border between tangible reality and fleeting illusions.

Through his vibrant canvases, Juan Ramón leads us to see beyond the surface, through artistic prisms that distort and transform reality. Each brushstroke seems to be an invitation to question our own vision of the world, to question our visual certainties.

In this universe of mirages, Juan Ramón offers us a visual meditation on the transience of reality. Shapes bend, twist and morph, challenging the limits of our visual understanding. His creations become windows open to unsuspected worlds, inviting the viewer to question their own interpretation of reality.


Juan Ramón Fernández Molina skillfully guides us through these artistic mirages, inspiring us to perceive reality from a new perspective, to appreciate the beauty in the ephemeral, and to embrace the poetry of illusion. VSis an invitation to question our vision of the world and to discover the unsuspected beauty that resides in the changing reflections of our perception.


Juan Ramón Fernández Molina (Badajoz 1967) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca. He lives in Villanueva de la Serena and works as a painting and drawing teacher in the Municipal Schools of Los Santbones of Maimona and Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz).

He has exhibited regularly since 1999. Among his individual exhibitions, we can cite "Tierras - Limites" at Sala Europa, Badajoz (2004) and San Jorge, Cáceres (2005); “Del Viento” at the Galería Ángeles Baños, Badajoz (2008) and “Breeze” in the same gallery (2011); “Del color la levedad” at the Casa de la Cultura de D. Benito (2015) or “Los restos del naufragio” at the Sala de Arte El Brocense, Cáceres (2022).

He has also participated in group exhibitions such as "Trazos del Salón II" at Centro Cultural Las Claras, Plasencia, in 2020; "Obertura. Artistas Extremeños" at MUBA. Museo de Bellas Artes de Badajoz in 2015; “El papel del dibujo V. Libros de artista” at the Galería Ángeles Baños, Badajoz, in 2012; "Gabinet de Papers (Gabinete de papeles)" at the Centro Municipal de Exposiciones de Elche, Alicante, in January 2010, as well as in different art fairs between 2006 and 2012 with the Galería Ángeles Baños, like ARTE BA 10. Feria de arte Contemporary. Buenos Aires. Argentina; FORO ON. Caceres; ARTE LISBOA. Lisbon; VALENCIA ART and ARTE SANTANDER.

Among the awards received, we can highlight the XXXI Premio Internacional de Pintura. Caja de Extremadura. Placencia. 2009; the XXIII Premio Internacional Eugenio Hermoso 2005. Fregenal de la Sierra. Badajoz. (Acquisition) ; the VII Certamen de Artes Plasticas 2004. "Sala EL BROCENSE". Caceres. (Acquisition).

His work is represented at the MEIAC. Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo. Badajoz; at the Caja de Extremadura. Placencia. Caceres; at the Consejería de Cultura. Junta de Extremadura; at the “El Brocense” Cultural Institute. Diputación de Cáceres; at the Diputación de Badajoz, among other institutions and collections.

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