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Làgrimas de sal

Silvana Solivella
CuratorJorge Canete

From July 15 to September 30, 2023

Private view with artist Saturday July 15 from 6:30 p.m.

The water you drink has known the sea.

Eugene Guillevic


Bringing the sea back to dry land, is the subject of July at La Galerie Philosophique.

La Galerie Philosophique proposed to the artist Silvana Solivella to invest the vaulted space of the gallery with a poetic installation: large canvases in maritime blue and crystallizations of salt for a moment will make us dream of the sea and its vastness.

The installation is called: LAGRIMAS DE SAL, bringing the sea and hope to the firm ground



For the last 20 years she has been based in Switzerland.

Time, memory and heritage are the ever-present and enigmatic guests that pervade the entire work of Silvana Solivella. Their presence is revealed by the discreet and continuous appearance of abstract, figurative or personified reflections of recurrent and remote worlds, that nonetheless always secrete a tangible, palpable substance.

Memory is made of a permeable and porous substance, imperfectly capturing the flow of time in the meshwork of our imagination.

The work of Silvana Solivella hints at this tempo, this sequential cadence:
a fluttering, an off-beat rhythm or rather an irresistible other time that lifts us out of ordinary daily life and sweeps us with no warning into a ballet of emotions and sensations that stroke, caress or graze our consciousness.

Memory is in fact a projection of our being here; it is both the living fabric of what links us to the world, and a lattice-work partition screen that casts a calming shadow on spots where the light is too harsh or too cruel.


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