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Emiliana Pérez

Curator: Jorge Cañete

June 2020

A self-portrait is always a reflection in a mirror, but when it looks like the mirror has disappeared, the painter is really there.


Julien Green

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The photographs of the Spanish artist Emiliana Pérez López, in her series "Autorretratos", present a pictorial reading of the classic style exercise that is the self-portrait.


For Emiliana, light becomes her brush to draw, in a bold aesthetic, her self-portrait that in fact are portraits of a plural woman, with the gaze multiplied by movement.


Indeed, thes images are no longer frozen, but crystallize a sequence, or more exactly, several intimate moments which are superimposed, thus defining not a moment, but a sequence of life.


This pictorial movement obviously reminds us the portraits of Francis Bacon and betrays the same desire and energy to cancel the conventional aspect of classical portraits.


However, the chiaroscuro treatment of her highly aesthetic series covers the tracks and also immerses us in the painting of the great baroque masters : Caravaggio, of course and Rembrandt, who undoubtedly, are not very far…


This is where the trouble caused by Emiliana Pérez López's photographs emerges : temporality is mistreated, shaken and blurred. In fact, it is no longer very clear to which period her photographs are refering to. The headscarves on the artist's head look like those of the ladies of the Renaissance, or perhaps other female archetypes of Greek classicism. As for the white makeup and red lips, this could refer probably to the "précieuses" of the 18th century…


So many images, so many women who merge through the gaze of photographer Emiliana Pérez López. In fact, she is seeking to define the borders of plurality, to describe the lineage of generations that led her to be embodied in the present of this current life.


It is not a surprise to realize that Emiliana Pérez López's dogma is about the search of identity. This concept has many philosophical and metaphysical meanings and it is strongly connected with the use of the mask, commonly related to theater, to the role that one plays in the theater of the world. Talking about human beings is talking about masks, according to Emiliana.


In this context, assuming an identity is vital for people's mental health, although all identities are in fact just an illusion, as the are always materialized in the eyes of the Other. We must admit that we consume a large part of our psychic resources to find our own identity, something that will, at the end, help us to define our differences as unique individuals.







Emiliana Perez López (1965) is a multifaceted artist. A talented photographer, selected for the Photographic Prize of the City of Badajoz (2018), she trained first in sculpture at the Rodrigo Alemán school in Plasencia in Spain, but she also excels in printmaking, as well as in pictorial art and in audiovisual productions.


She was in fact producer, actress and casting director in several movies and short films (El Auriga Producciones).


Thanks to her pictorial and photographic work, Emiliana has participated in numerous individual or collective exhibitions in Extremadura (Plasencia, Caceres, Badajoz, Zafra). Her work has also received several awards.


Among other things, she works in the Pérez Comendador-Leroux Museum, dedicated to this Franco-Spanish sculptors.


Emiliana Pérez López lives and works today in Hervàs in the north of the province of Extremadura in Spain.

Printed on dibond, 3mm

Each photograph is limited to 5 prints

Artwork numbered and signed by the artist.

Formats : L 38.6 X H 21

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