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July - August 2020





outdoor exhibition of personal and commissioned photographs by the INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY studio

Exhibition curator: Jorge Cañete

From July 1 to August 31, 2020

Chemin de la Raisse, hiking trail, Concise (Vaud).

To celebrate the 15 years of activity of the INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY studio, a retrospective of photographic correspondences will be offered in an open-air exhibition, open to the general public.

These "correspondences" will offer to weave poetic, imaginary and aesthetic links between the personal work of the photographer PATRICE SCHREYER and the pictures commissioned over the last few years by JORGE CAÑETE for his decoration and interior architecture achievements.

Indeed, the majority of the designer's projects have been entrusted to the photographer, thus reinforcing over these years a bond and an artistic dialogue between their two universes.

This exhibition will consist of 19 double photos, visible outdoors on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel, along the La Raisse hiking trail.


Thanks to a QR Code, visitors will be able to, if they wish, have direct access to an audio file that will allow them to listen to the voices of the two protagonists telling the story of each photograph.

In order to better enjoy the audio files, we advise you to come with your headphones.


PATRICE SCHREYER has been a photographer for over twenty years. It was during some trips to the mountains that he discovered his passion for the eighth art.

Wherever he goes, whatever he photographs, he manages to share his universe with us with a rare sensitivity every time. His work mixes a strong aesthetic with elegance drawing its roots from the sobriety of chiaroscuro.

The strength of PATRICE SCHREYER's images lies in her ability to highlight the essence of the subjects in a very intelligible way, down to the tiniest details. This attention to detail gives the artist's images a solid coherence and great clarity.

His work has a personal component reflecting the roads he takes and the vision of the world he maintains. His artistic approach is sometimes close to abstraction, strongly expressive and contrasted, often dark, and he mixes natural landscapes and "interior landscapes". His portraits are imbued with great humanity.

The part of his work including commissioned photographs contains a wide range of services: portraits, photo stories, events, watchmaking, industry, medical and social work, construction, architecture and interior design. PATRICE SCHREYER has photographed for many years the majority of creations and contemporary art exhibitions done by the designer JORGE CAÑETE, sharing a common aesthetic vision of the world.

Many exhibitions in Switzerland have presented his personal work.

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Photo gallery

Photo gallery

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