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October - December 2021




From October 14 to December 10, 2021


Curator: Jorge Cañete

Rue Haute, 36

CH - 1422 Grandson (Vaud)

open by appointment only: +41787102534 -










































Time does not surprise the wise,
But of Time the wise man laughs,

Gérard de Nerval, Ode


Since the birth of thought, time has questioned: scientists, philosophers and artists have explored it, seeking to state it, to define it and to represent it. An often unattainable goal because its incarnation, its feeling is specific to each one. Don't we all live in time in our own way, by inventing our own temporality?


Florence Grundeler in her exhibition “Écarts”, some of whose works were created in residence at Grandson, proposes to tell “a story of time”, or more exactly to slow down time and create larger spaces, because it is often in the "in-between" that everything emerges. This is where we can show the invisible, that is to say what precisely slips into the gap.


“Écarts” is a pictorial journey, a journey through time, our own and the one we set aside and which stops on matter, on a fragment or more precisely on fragments. Indeed, the artist seeks to demonstrate that the subtle accumulated differences bring strength and consistency to matter and to being.


The fragments overlap, align or escape, like this text typed on a typewriter "a story of time" which never ends up filling strips of fabric. They thus give themselves the freedom to exist at each moment, differently, in a permanent movement and an infinite evolution.


Each fragment - embodied by paintings, installations, cabinet of curiosities - are so many pieces that have a fundamental role to play, like the stages of an interior journey, to bring us back to our intimate parts, our dreamlike parts ...


there is a birth in may 1968

there is a childhood in the suburbs,

there is an absolute need for nature,

there is China and Chinese, there are lives elsewhere, Brazil, Argentina,

there are these "lives elsewhere" loaded with learning,

there is the commitment to art,

there is the choice to live in the scrubland,

there are canvases, canvases with ink, canvases with pigments, canvases crossed by stitched threads,

there are engravings, drypoint engravings, often, in praise of the risk!

there are inked, ashy, oil-painted and thread-crossed papers, too,

there are cobblestones, breeze blocks that have become cobblestones, symbols of a construction.

there is the expression of the vacillation of being.

Florence Grundeler is a visual artist born in 1968. Sinophone and inhabited by Chinese culture, she also nourished her learning during stays in Brazil and Argentina. In installations, engravings and especially canvases crossed by threads and ink, this follower of the material brings space and emptiness to life in order to better understand the flashes and the lines that emerge from them. Trained in the landscape rather than the artistic image, she claims the need for this minimum of virginity in the way of working. By meaningfully calling his workshop “Entre”, the artist confirms his desire to explore the margins, the intervals, letting a few possibilities arise, in the freedom, instinct or clumsiness that leads elsewhere.

Elora Weill-Engerer, art critic



Instagram account: @ florence.grundeler

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Photo gallery by Patrice Schreyer

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