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Abstraction waves
Nicolas Defferr
Curator: Jorge Cañete
August 2021

Everything that happens is like the wave of the sea: it moves, it makes people believe in movement, but yet it belongs to this great depth of still water.

Louis Pauwels 



When light combines with time to create improbable shapes, when the movements of water compose a distorted reality


When the photographer has to be content with the simple role of light sensor and refer to chance for the rendering of the composition.


  Research on abstract photographs of water in long pause, the movements of the reflections of the water create improbable images, with distorted reality and  allow to introduce a temporal dimension in the pictures.



Trust the randomness of the composition


Reflections in motion


Distorted lights


Color mixing


Glow drawings






Passionate about photography since childhood, Nicolas Defferrard graduated from the School of Creative Photography in Lausanne in 1984.

He turned to a career as a freelance cameraman and for thirty years produced images for many documentary films.

At the same time, he continued artistic photography projects, in particular he devoted himself to a long research in macro photography of plants where he focused on the graphic and aesthetic aspect, with particular attention to lights and transparencies.

More recently he has worked on the influence of time in photography and produced a series of long exposure abstract shots of aquatic reflections which are the subject of this virtual exhibition.

Previous exhibitions:

1984: Neuch'Art collective exhibition

1985: Café Galerie Back & Buck, La Chaux-de-Fonds

2014: Château de Champ-Pittet, Yverdon

Photograph printed on fine art paper
Each photograph is limited to 10 prints
Work numbered and signed by the artist.

Format: 50cm X 50cm

For more information on availability and prices : i

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