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Hommarus W. Brusche

Curator :Jorge Canete

September 2023

chiaroscuro. - We don't know what it is.

Gustave Flauber


In the way life draws him, he draws life!
The way he sees the light, feels the space and hears the whisper of time.

He doesn't care about fast modernity’s.
He loves beauty, harmony and quiet attention.
One could call him a romantic idealist, a man with a nostalgic longing for purity, harmony and concentration!

He uses his pencil, pigment to create quiet, subdued works that reflect his mind and his way of looking. He writes his images rather than draws them.

He does not limit himself to one style, his drawings continuously explore different paths. Until now, this has resulted in the creation of many series.



When he tries to catch the light he does so from within a deep darkness
In order to make light “shine” one must draw the umbral itself. Blacker than pitch. A black that makes one hope for light!
Yes, it is from this “shade” of black that he draws it.
He searches for the light and etches in the dark. Page after page. Day after day.
He etches himself into that dark depth so that his strokes shine with light.


Today was the day he met time!
He did not hear it tick, but he did see it crawl. He saw time crawl on, generating images that had not existed moments before. Moments that made him wish time stood still. To see nothing move.
Everything and everyone frozen. For just a second. No more and no less.
A moment in which all was inert: no breathing, no whistling, no shuffling, no moving, no sighing, no blowing, no speaking, no shouting, no falling, no flying, and no walking. Please, don ́t let anything move for a while!



Hommarus W. Brusche shares his life and work between his studio in Amsterdam (Holland) and Trujillo in Extremadura (Spain).

He has been a professor at the Rietveld Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam, as well as at the A.K.I. artez Academy of Fine Art in Enschede and has given regular masterclasses in Spain.

He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in different cities in Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Spain (Madrid Caceres), as well as in different contemporary art centers and museums in Europe, the United States and China.

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