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"Au fil de l'autre"

by Florence Grundeler

Curator: Jorge Cañete

June 2019

"It would be a stormy sky. Or a summer morning. Or the indentation of the evenings, the drowned evenings, their cracks, tenacious, at the edge of the days. Their topstitched slits. We would be sinking into the passing time and the weather. We would like to touch. We would like to caress. Touch with your hand. Follow with your fingertips. (...)Rolling in it. We'd roll in it. It's sewn. It's stubborn. It's white, it's absence, it's silence. »  

Marie Hélène, LAFON 2016 (Goncourt prize 2016 for Histoires)

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at

there is a birth in May 1968
there's a childhood in the suburbs,
there is an absolute need for nature,
there's China and Chinese,
there are lives elsewhere, Brazil, Argentina,
there are these "lives elsewhere" loaded with learning,
there's the commitment to art,
there is a choice to live in the garrigue,
there are canvases, canvases with ink, canvases with pigments, canvases with stitched threads,
there are engravings, drypoint engravings, often, for the praise of risk!
there are papers inked, ashen, painted in oil and crossed by the thread, too,
there are paving stones, blocks that have become paving stones, symbols of a building.

there is the expression of the flickering of the being.

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Dimension 25x25 cm

Hahnemühle 300g sewn and/or perforated papers - cotton yarn

A unique edition of each work signed (on the back) by the artist

One artwork is available at the INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY studio if you wish to come and see it.

For more information on availability and prices (works sold unframed, framed on request):

Photo gallery of the available artworks (21 works):
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