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July - August 2021

29 jours, 12 heures, 44 minutes et 2,9 secondes



From 1st of July to the 19th of August

Curator:  Jorge Cañete


Rue Haute, 36

CH - 1422 Grandson (Vaud)

By appointment : +41787102534 -




































The lunation is the interval of time that elapses between two new moons, it lasts on average 29.5 days. It is called synodic period; it is the time that the Moon takes to return to the same position in the sky in relation to the Sun.


Fatoumata Kebe, The Moon is a novel

Inspirations and expirations, days and nights, the heat of the summers and the cold of the winters. Phases, cycles, alternations: systoles and diastoles. Rhythms that are constantly renewed: always regular, always varied. A fidelity. All existence is thus governed by uninterrupted comings and goings. But if the Sun hides when the Moon rises, if the summer announces, following slow silent transformations, the autumn then the winter, the sky and the earth continue their course without discontinuity: of day like night, in summer like in autumn or in winter, nature and the world have the same evidence of reality; the alternations of the deployments and the folds do not at all oppose life to its annihilation. And because the comings and goings do not exhaust the goings, they cannot have an end: vegetation renews itself and blossoms without withering away. In this respect, men do not have to worry about any disappearance, since this one is, in reality, only a rich latency of all the deployments to come. To be astonished rather by the continuities and the first conjunctions: to be astonished by the possible interweavings, perceived moreover as early as the Upper Paleolithic, between numerations, lunar cycles and physiological cycles of the human body, as many engravings on bones, antlers or stones seem to reveal. To be astonished by all these cycles of life universally shared by all living beings: a reference point for the drawing, a requirement for the poem.


Dominique Weber is a philosopher. He considers the practice of drawing, installation, video or poem as a necessary resource to discover the forms of a new sensorium required by contemporary ecological metamorphoses: a more egalitarian, more geological sensorium, welcoming, in a more adjusted way, natural life forms other than human.

He has published poems in various contemporary poetry journals. His drawing, installation and video work has been the subject of several solo and group exhibitions.

website :

Instagram account: @marcher.restituer

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Photo and video gallery by Nicolas Defferrard

Book :


The workWorking notes 2015-2019, by Dominique Weber, published by ISTI MIRANT STELLA is available at the gallery.

Radio broadcasts:

on RTS La 1ère to listen to in podcast: love-the-earth?id=12306028

on RNV to listen to as a podcast:


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