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Curiosity cabinet
Camille Linklater
Exhibition curator: Jorge Cañete
December 2021

Go take your lessons in nature.


Leonardo DeVinci

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Curiosity cabinet

It is first of all the idea of simplicity, original beauty & a return to basics that animates the artist.

Look again through a play of light that reveals the shapes.

Dreaming of beauty through the mixture of worlds: vegetal, mineral, animal ...

What could be more natural than a noble material, itself from the bowels of the earth: pure gold.

Then comes the time to materialize the dream.

Many hours spent looking for, cultivating, drying, hunting or designing the supports that make the history of each piece.

24 karat gold does not arise until the very end of each frame's journey, in a bubble of absolute calm and yet filled with life!






Several lives, several jobs, a lot of movement and a lot of dreams.

Come to this world four decades earlier, a childhood in volcanoes, an adolescence between sea and sun.

Travels and explorations enriched the rest, the last quarter of life on Swiss soil, marked by a more intimate adventure, self-discovery. The need to create and rediscover the beauty and elegance of simplicity.

How to embody your dreams and live your poetry ... the approach is always the same: find the essence of everything and bring it to light.

Feeling like a vibration just so that all of these images in my head finally align, translate into my hands, and continue to live through you.

My biography is my choice of experiences that are expressed through words that cure ailments and through creativity.

Camille Linklater

Frame box containing an element of nature gilded with 24 kt gold

Format: between 9cm X12 cm and 15cmX 12cm

For more information on availability and prices : i

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