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“The worst we can do is that the sevillanos are the ones who live in the most beautiful city of the world... but perhaps they can have reason.”

(The problem is not that Sevillans think they have the most beautiful city in the world... The worst part is that they may even be right.)


Antonio Gala



Without doubt the painter who best knew how to decant this cultural construct of Spanish art, was Francisco de Zurbarán, given that he perfectly combined the organic, the mineral, the fire and the stone, L'Escorial and Saint John of the Cross,


It is for all these reasons that paradoxically, he is the most enigmantic among all his illustrious colleagues from the Golden Age.


It is therefore not surprising that it exerts a fascination on our time, since it, so anxious and seeking refuge, finds itself in its lost identity.


Francisco Calvo Serraller

Photo credit:


Santa Casilda, 1630-1635



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