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There is a moment in every dawn when light floats, there is the possibility of magic. Creation holds its breath.


(At dawn, there is a moment when the light is suspended; a magical moment when anything can happen. Creation holds its breath.)

Douglas Adams (Life, the Universe and Everything, p. 42, Pan Books)



In recent years, the English artist Philippa Smith, who lived in Mexico for a long time, has centered her artistic approach around nature. She is currently working on different series which use plant elements collected during her walks and solitary daydreams as a source of inspiration.


His artistic palette uses photography and video, but also drawing and painting. So many keys that open the doors to a peaceful and sensitive universe, where we glimpse, as if through several prisms, the various luminous facets of an inhabited and spiritual nature.


While browsing his work, we feel crossed by a grace and a benevolence which remind us, rightly, that Mother Nature is the source of Everything.



Lucent Portal, 2015

Source of inspiration /6

The light

Light is fundamental in this project, especially by the nature of the building with its countless windows through which it floods.


The modernity of certain lighting fixtures will be matched by the more traditional glow of candles. Some will symbolize a change, like this baroque chandelier which will have shattered on the ground, foreshadowing the imminent abundance of the vanities of the world.


There will even be a light fixture levitating on its own light, like a miracle.


Keyword inspirations


A cloudy sky towards Caceres

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