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Yes, it is a pure miracle that through words buried in books, we can revive a spring, refresh a garden.

Christian Bobin (The eighth day of the week, p.65, Éditions Lettres Vives 1986)



(...) But very quickly we are reassured, the books are open, illuminated, they invite us to enter.

We go up, we follow them and what follows is a sequence of rooms where thousands of pages, without reading them, tell us stories.

Unstructured, cut, tortured, glued, compressed...and finally reformed; they emerge, mutated, magnified.

Often released, here the page becomes a leaf again and flies away, starting a cycle of life again...



Christophe Nicod, extract from the work on  the exhibition “Bibliotheca Mirabilis”.




Despectus, 30X40



Photo credit:

Desiree Quagliara

Source of inspiration /4

The words


The importance of text and letters will also be emphasized in this new project. A fascination which can be explained by their double power: aesthetic, on the one hand,   by the particular vibration that each calligraphy brings and intellectual, on the other hand, by the reflection that reading them provides.


It is good to remember that the Carthusians could read them, but hardly used them: they were only authorized to send 4 missives per year...


Keyword inspirations:


Detail of a wall on a house in Seville

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