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The circumflex accent is the swallow of writing.

Jules Renard (Journal (May 8, 1901), p.522, Ed. Robert Laffont coll. Bouquins.)



Isa Barbier's works are installations, stagings of space, which offer no sculpture in the classical sense, no object with smooth and molded shapes.


These are elusive volumes made of bird feathers, collected on the islands of Friuli and elsewhere, and hung by small dots of wax on invisible threads. They are always produced for the place or site where they take place, for the duration of the exhibition.


Celine Aubertin




The message,

exhibited at the Château d'Hauteville, in the sunset wing in 2012

Photo credit:

Marie de Goumoëns

Source of inspiration /5

The swallows


Swallows are the symbol of humility, spiritual elevation and resurrection. They are fascinating because they never land on earth, which makes them pure and angelic creatures.


In this project, they will be the common thread between the different floors. Their presence in the cellar will spread to the ground floor, then dematerialize on the staircase, before transforming into a white bird upstairs.


Finally, they will disappear into the blue sky of the attic...


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Swallows flying in the clear sky of Cordoba

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