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We are such things as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.

William Shakespeare, The Tempest (1611)



There is a mystery in the works of artist Gladys Nistor. The light pierces and becomes empty. Black and its procession of geometric shapes accompany it in space.


Their links maintain resonances which allow a dematerialization, a suspension of matter.


The alchemy of dreams and that of disorder unfold as we contemplate the work of the sculptor of the void.


Hypnotic works which emphasize that dreams are not influenced by gravity. On the contrary, they aspire and inspire ascension.






Photo credit: GLADYS NISTOR

Source of inspiration /3


In the building where this project will be finalized, two staircases, like a spine, connect its 4 levels.


An initiatory journey is looming: we will start from the nourishing earth of the cellar and then lose ourselves in the splendor of the baroque on the ground floor. Then, by taking the grand staircase, you will leave behind all the vanities of the world to go towards a certain simplicity on the first floor.


The last level (the attic), for its part, will represent the sky. Final stage of this metaphorical journey.



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Detail of the columns of the Cathedral of Plasencia in Extremadura

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