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They stood there, talking to each other in silence, for an infinite time.

Alessandro Baricco (Castles of Anger, trans. Françoise Brun, p.169, Points P373)



The search for spatial harmony, serenity and contemplation, as well as the pleasures provided by humble materials, are all keys to understanding the work of Laura Sebastianes.


She starts from nothing, and in an act of freedom, she creates the support for her own work. In fact, she will manufacture paper using traditional and artisanal techniques.


But his work as an alchemist does not stop there: the support will transform and give life to the work itself. His work is a process, a resolutely experimental intention, linked to empirical research, where the ultimate goal is to find a rich palette of different textures.


The paper mutates, transfigures and takes on soft or rough surfaces depending on the location. This diversity of textures enriches the tactile sensation of his works. His paintings recall the epidermis and what is fascinating is that they also challenge it: in a spontaneous gesture, they invite our sense, touch, to experience the works of the Andalusian artist with our own skin.


In his intimate approach, his main concern is the search for a space which will become a place of tranquility and harmony; by entering it, we will distance ourselves from the world and we will then begin contemplative work in silence.


This is where the wonder of his invitation lies: faced with the works of Laura Sebastianes, the spectator forgets the uproar of the world...

Untitled, 2015

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The silence

The cloister, by nature, invites meditation and silence.


But in this project, this silence will be inhabited: an open door to reverie, a blank page where all sounds will be possible.


The voices of the past, those of the present and those of the future will draw arabesques like swallows playing in the sky.


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Detail of an old postcard of the Chartreuse de la Lance

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