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La Galerie Philosophqiue  presents both "in situ" exhibitions and virtual exhibitions around philosophical and poetic themes. Jorge Cañete founder of the INTERIOR studio  DESIGN  PHILOSOPHY is the curator.

Since 2009, in parallel with his activity as a designer, he has given carte blanche to contemporary artists in unique places, in particular in his various places of life, to create a concrete dialogue between interior decoration and art.

Here is a selection of exhibitions organized in the past:

Cesare Bedogné (2009), Peter Wüthrich (2010), Riccardo & Sandrine Barilla (2011), Isa Barbier (2012), Silvana Solivella (2012) at the Château d'Hauteville.

Marie Ducaté (2013), Claire Brewster (2014), Alain Pittet (2015) at the Château de St-Saphorin sur Morges.

Patrice Schreyer & Alexandre Correa (2016), Silvana Solivella (2016), Olivier Estoppey (2016), Philippa Smith (2016), Peter Wüthrich (2017), Franklin Chow (2017), Romain Crelier (2017), Jan Hendrix (2018) in the cloister of the Chartreuse de La Lance.

Tamara Lise and Dario Santacroce (2019), Be ñ at Olaberria (2019) at the Pavillon de Pourtalès in the area of La Lance .

In 2020, an outdoor photography exhibition by Patrice Schreyer was organized on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel and the Spanish artist Ana H. del Amo took over the cloister with her installations in September 2020.

In 2021, the gallery opens its doors in one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, in the old town of Grandson (Vaud).





Electronic books from these previous exhibitions are available on iBookstore :

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Concise - Vaud - Switzerland

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Credits Music: Aeuria. Varúð - Sigur Rós (Aeuria Remix/Bootleg)

Credits Pictures: Patrice Schreyer, Marie de Goumoëns, Renaud Marion

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